Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Meeting Mara Kofoed

Tucked away in my nightstand is a pink booklet. Flip open the cover and you'll find a "Bucket List" of sorts, outlining the things I want to do with this life of mine.

Finish the four standard works.
Surprise my children with a trip to Disney World.
Run a half marathon. (Check!)

Also listed:

Meet Mara Kofoed.

This woman, through her blog, provided me with such great hope last year. I knew in those troubling months of divorce that I would be better than okay again...That the experiences I was having were essential to my growth...But Mara was a real, physical example to me of what I could develop because of my divorce.

Well my friends, I get to check off another goal in my pink book! On Saturday, I was able to listen to Mara and her husband, Danny, speak at an LDS Young Singles Adults Conference here in New York. I shook when I met her and quickly began tearing up as I tried to sum up in a few sentences the impact she had on my healing. She held my hand as I stuttered out something that I hope was coherent, and expressed her own gratitude for my readership.

Mara and Danny then spent an hour discussing the act of becoming whole with yourself. At the end of the hour, I left feeling enriched and reminded that standing alone, independent of anyone or anything else, I have all I need to be happy (and we're never completely alone, are we?).

PS: After writing this post, I realized how many times I reference Mara throughout this blog! Oy vey. She is a terrific woman doing terrific things. Check her out here.

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